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Movement is a key to learning for the young child. Our approach uses movement to give toddlers a feeling of success and accomplishment that carries over and reinforces other tasks and learning activities. Between ages one and four, movement is essential to helping children advance in a variety of areas, including:

  1. listening, following instructions, and increasing attention span

  2. becoming physically fit through yoga, stretching and aerobics

  3. developing critical pre-reading and pre-writing skills -- especially hand-eye coordination and fine-motor skills

  4. acquiring pre-math abilities through simple counting, keeping a rhythm and mastering simple movement sequences.

  5. pre-sports -- developing gross-motor skills such as walking, balancing, jumping, galloping, and hopping

During Audrey’s three decades of working with Greenwich toddlers, she has developed structured movement routines to compliment her award-winning educational

songs like “Dance Like a Dinosaur”-- routines that constantly engage a toddler’s imagination and need for sensory stimulation.

Using props such as rhythm sticks, scarves, parachutes, maracas, and finger bells brings an added dimension to movement that young children adore. So does pretending to be an an animal through movement, free dance to music, exploring climbing tunnels, simple tumbling, rebounder jumping, and a grand “jump over the moon.” As the year progresses toddlers become increasingly agile and expressive as they gain familiarity with Audrey’s songs and creative movement routines.




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